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  • AL THURYA is the Recognized Leader in Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) and Technologically Enhanced Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (TENORM). Al Thurya NORM/TENORM Services sets the standard for radiation management more than 12 years of experience in these fields with professionals Team Members and successfully completed several projects within the Oil and Gas Sector, working with Oil and Gas Companies in the State of Kuwait we have the experience, qualifications and expert staff to properly implement any project. We deliver cost-effective solutions that are regulatory-compliant which is essential in the protection of your corporate liability, workers, members of the public and the environment law face more scrutiny from regulators, workers, and the public, facilities.
  • We are an active and a leading Trading and Contracting company with objectives to serve a broad range of industries, including the Oilfields, Refineries, Petrochemical and Water & Power Generation industries covering the supply of a diversified range of products.
  • Al-Thurya Radiation Services Company is mainly providing the Transportation of Radioactive Materials as per National & International rules and regulations and Approved by the Radiation Protection Department – Ministry of Health. We have been awarded 3rd Continues contract from Ministry of Health to Transport of Nuclear Medicine to all over Kuwait for Cancer Treatments
  • We aim to provide employers and employees with tailored, business-specific training programs to meet their needs and help develop knowledgeable staff through training Programs. Our Program is designed as per the safety aspect of National & International regulations in Kuwait, Our Company as an approved company from Petroleum Training Center in Kuwait Petroleum Corp. to provide a training service to the entire Oil & Gas Sector in Kuwait. We have a different agency agreement with National & International.
  • Some of the best-known names in the industry rely on us to design and build their downstream oil and gas processing facilities, and its Technology group and its partners to provide cost-effective technologies and catalysts. We offer a comprehensive range of technology and engineering, procurement, fabrication and construction services for the downstream oil & gas industry.
  • Al Thurya enlisted as Construction Company is a highly-specialized construction company with core competence in building construction, civil infrastructure. Located in Kuwait, Al Thurya serves both government and private sectors with unparalleled engineering skill, professionalism and a strong commitment to each and every project. For over 10 years, Al Thurya has built a reputation as the most valuable construction company in Kuwait by delivering turnkey construction projects of varying sizes to every part of Kuwait.
  • we have been providing to MEW for 3 years. These facilities typically include power generation installations of various types and sizes for power generation. we also maintain as a part of these contracts. It has, therefore, been a natural extension of our business to provide Operation and Maintenance services directly to the power plant and the power utility market. Knowledge of design and engineering process provides O&M personnel with greater insight into product operation, leading to more effective problem identification and resolution, thus saving time and cost
  • Manpower Services has demonstrated the capability to recruit and supply industry-specific highly skilled and unskilled manpower, in a short time. We have business alliances with professional manpower recruitment companies in the UK – the USA – Germany, India, Philippines, and Egypt. We also have a good network in Kuwait to source and recruit locally available qualified manpower in various categories to include Project Manager, Engineers, Supervisors manpower of different nationalities.